News Item: First bulgarian metal detecting weekend
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Monday 28 June 2010 - 23:36:40

At the 18th, 19th, and 20th of June 2010, the first in the history of Bulgaria official fest of metal detecting was held in the locality of Bishov valog, the village of Zgorigrad, situated 3-4 km from the town of Vratsa.
The fair was attended by more than 50 searchers, mainly members of the Bulgarian Metaldetekting Federation.
The President of the Federation - Mr. Ilia Iliev, the Vice President - Mr. Cyril Stamenov and the members of the Managing and Supervisory Board of the Federation Upranitelniya also participated in the fair.
This fair is the first event of its kind for Bulgaria and is a step forward the full legalization of metaldetekting.

The Bulgarian Metaldetekting Federation plans to organize such events for the future aiming to promote the hobby of metaldetekting, and to change the image of the hobby in the eyes of the public, politicians and journalists.

The next fest in metaldetekting should be this year in Southern Bulgaria.

There were presented the latest metal detectors from all world famous trademarks. The official representative of the trademarks Fisher, Teknetics and Bounty Hunter for Bulgaria - Vivax Group Ltd. presented the models of Fisher’s Series F, as the model F75 impressed the public while working with search coil SEF probe 38sm.H30sm. DD.

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