News Item: Bulgaria - an initiative to change the law of cultural heritage
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Wednesday 24 November 2010 - 17:50:15

Bulgarian National Metaldetecting Federation propose changes to the law of cultural heritage, which prohibits the free possession of metal detectors and imposing a total ban on the use by the citizens of Bulgaria.

Reasons for changes in the law:

The proposed amendments to the Law on Cultural Heritage to alleviate the problems encountered in its implementation, and accurately regulate the status of special technical means to be adopted as metal detectors.
Bulgarian National Metaldetecting Federation supports the need to protect national treasures of archaeological and historical value, but believes that preventing the danger of smuggling of objects of cultural heritage should be combined with other measures more appropriate and less restrictive of free use metaldetektorite.V of this connection we consider unacceptable the idea that metal detectors are used only to search for archaeological sites as cultural values. Unacceptable in practice are introduced restrictions to their free use by the requirement introduced in chl.150, paragraph 1 of the Cultural Heritage Act, namely the owner or holder of such a vehicle have a degree "Master of professional field of History and Archaeology and at least two years professional experience in performing field surveys.
Therefore, we clearly distinguish between activities of 147 ZKN and introducing a new paragraph 7. Because not every activity under investigation and study of Earth's layers is related to search and study of archaeological sites as cultural values.
Unacceptable is the argument that the objects detected by special equipment such as metal detectors, primarily form part of the cultural layer and can be traced only from the territory of archaeological sites within the meaning of Article 146, paragraph 1 of the Cultural Heritage Act.
With the help of metal detectors can be searched and found many other things which do not form part of the cultural layer, located outside the territory of archaeological sites and do not represent cultural values, such as the law should clearly distinguish the two hipotezi.Schitame that in these cases metal detectors should not be subject to registration, which is why we proposed addition to Article 152 of ZKN with the addition of paragraph 4.

This proposal is made by a lawyer Georgi Georgiev, member and legal adviser of the Bulgarian National Metaldetecting Federation .

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