News Item: New Mikron NRG 110
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Thursday 14 July 2011 - 00:31:15

Mikron presents new model NRG 110

High sensitivity to small gold nuggets, gold rings, earrings and other metal objects with low conductivit.


- Microprocessor control of discrimination and auto ground balance.
- Automatic sound discrimination of metals during searching - high tone for non-ferrous metals and low tone for ferrous metals /lodestone/.
- Regime of work only for non-ferrous metals. The metal detector doesn't react to ferrous metals. This regime allows to be worked faster and effective compare to apparatuses with arrow indication and is very suitable for dirty soils.
- Manual or automatic ground balance.
- Additional filter for tuning to high mineralized soils.
- VCO mode for the exact localization of the found object.
- Automatic tuning to temperature changes.
- High stability of the electronic unit to electromagnetic disturbances. /transmission lines, radars, etc./
- Volume control.
- Blinking red indicator for discharged batteries.
- Operating frequency - 22 kHz
- The metal detector is partly air - proofed and can be deluged into water till the end of the box. When searching single coins it can shows their situation in soil: horizontally and vertically.
- Supplying of NRG-110 is made with accumulator block of 12V. The apparatus is offered with automatic charger for it. Charging is easy without taking apart the block off the apparatus. It is also possible to be plugged in outer re-charge set.
- Time of work once charged is about 12 hours, and if using outer re-charge set - 60 hours!
- Weight of the metal detector fixed up is 1,6 kg including batteries.
- Every set is supplied with a user's manual.
- The metal detector an be purchased with one ore more search coils. 27cm. in the set. When buying NRG-110 together with two ore more search coils you will get headphones FOR FREE!

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